Having danced since I was 4 years old, i’ve always used my physical body as a way to express my emotions.  In 1998 I trained to be an actress and have been working in that field ever since (you may see me in the odd commercial here & there, or perhaps you spotted me in ‘Mamma Mia’ in London’s West End?) But there are a lot of ups & downs in the Entertainment business, rejection is something you have to become hardened to, so for years I have been searching for a a way to find balance, mental wellbeing & happiness - and it came right back to my physical body.

During my Drama school training, I started teaching myself Yoga from a book (Youtube wasn't around in those days....gulp!) as a way to find some calm & stillness in my life, & I continued to dance.  Eventually I started to see some incredible benefits, both mentally & physically & when I find something I like, I feel compelled to share it, whether it be the value of Yoga, my favourite series on Netflix or the latest Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan desert i've baked, so teaching became a natural path for me.  I’d already been teaching dance alongside my acting career so I took myself to LA to train to teach Zumba & then to India, where I gained my 200hr Yoga TTC, which was a life-changing experience.  Suddenly everything felt right.

I've also spent years on a quest to maintain a healthy immune system (after countless antibiotics as a child) and so furthered my studies into nutrition and wellbeing. Now I have the pleasure of sharing my experiences and teachings with you.  So my mission is to continue to share what I learn, & help each one of you find your BALANCE & HAPPINESS in life and make each moment of each day count!


Sunshine, sunsets, the ocean, the sand under my feet, being barefoot, nature, vegan food, Yoga, baking sugar-free gluten-free vegan goodies, being warm, anything white, blue skies, my Himalayan salt lamp, meditation, learning new things, nutrition, my cat, summertime, journaling, being barefoot, doing accents, being crazy and being still, traveling, family time, feeling happy, sweating cause it's so hot, watching series' on Netflix, my SAD lamp in the British winter, a hard mattress, growing my own veg, birdsong . . . . . .