3 x 1hr private Pregnancy Yoga & Mindfulness sessions to help you feel fantastic during your pregnancy, both in your body & your mind. 

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Are you pregnant & starting to feel heavy, uncomfortable & anxious?...... I've been there!

Are you missing out on sleep already due to body aches & an over active mind?...........Yep, that was me too!

Are you up some days and down other days?....... I know that feeling!

Fortunately my skills as a Pregnancy Yoga teacher & mindfulness mentor mean I have found ways to conquer these feelings & I'm here to share these teachings with you so you too can feel good again, whatever stage of pregnancy you're at. 


one:one pregnancy Yoga & Mindfulness course


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Pregnancy is a time when you should feel empowered!  You are creating life!



I'm a new mum so i've recently been through the exact same thing as you are experiencing right now.  I LOVED my pregnancy but it was a big change.  I know how it feels to lose control of the 'YOU' you once knew.  And that manifests in all sorts of ways such as  physical aches & pains or feelings of anxiousness & overwhelm.  But through my own personal practice, I tried & tested Yoga & Mindfulness techniques to help myself feel good  & enjoy this amazing time in our lives.



You are going through a huge change right now & whether you've been through pregnancy before or not, it's completely natural to feel great some days & moody, heavy & unmotivated other days - that little life inside of you is taking all your energy!  But you can regain control of your body & mind and allow this to be an empowering & magical time in your life.


During my pregnancy I designed this course to help all pregnant women.  It's suitable for you:

  • Whether you've been practicing regular yoga prior to your pregnancy or you've never done yoga before.  Your body & mind is going through dramatic & rapid change so this really is a bespoke course to suite you and where you're at.
  • Even if you're attending or have booked to attend pregnancy/anti-natal classes with your birth partner.  This course is about YOU.  Right now with so much focus on your new baby and the life changes ahead, you could really use some you time - I know that feeling!
  • If you've thought about joining a pregnancy Yoga class but can't find one to fit around your schedule.  There's a lot going on right now, so I understand the need to be able to fit in classes that work with your current schedule and not have to schlep up to a studio after work, or having to find childcare for your other children or when you just don't have the energy to leave the house!!
  • If you want to feel good
  • If you want to feel looked after and nurtured
  • If you want to feel comfortable in your own skin again
  • If you want to relax

I will help you achieve all those feelings again and then you can take away all the work we do together and use it in your own time, right up to, and including, that very special moment - when your baby is born!


I'm passionate about empowering you & making this an enjoyable time in your life.  you are a goddess - you're creating human life!

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the course offering:

  • 3 x private 1hr sessions in the comfort of your own home* or via Skype. I know hard how it is to commit to anything long-term in this time of rapid change, so that's why I've put together this short course that will give you all the tools you need to make the rest of your pregnancy a happy time.
  • Individually designed private classes.  Everyone of us is different & likewise each pregnancy is unique so we will use each hour long session to work on whatever you are feeling or experiencing right now and useful tips as you move further into your pregnancy.
  • I will offer you specific Yoga postures to help relieve pains in your lower back, pelvic gurdle, hips, sciatica, or wherever you may be feeling it so you can move with ease again & not feel burdened by the weight & hormone changes in your body.
  • I will offer you mindfulness practices like visualisation exercises & breathing techniques to help with any feelings of anxiety or overwhelm you may be feeling about birth or motherhood, which are all common factors of pregnancy.  These can also be used to help you get to sleep at night or drift back off once you've got up for that 4am pee!!
  • We will look at ways to create space within your body if you're feeling like your capacity to breathe & the space for your own stomach has shrunk!  As your baby grows bigger, your gorgeous organs just get shifted & squashed so we'll make sure you still feel comfy & can still breathe & eat comfortably!
  • I will give you the tools and techniques you need to feel empowered & strong as you move closer towards the most magical moment & perhaps most physically & mentally demanding time in your life. Plus optimal birthing positions & breathing exercises for labour.


  • We will work to physically strengthen the areas in your body that may be feeling weak and those areas that are crucial for birth, including pelvic floor exercise and full body strengthening.

At the end of the course you will also receive a FREE 45 minute guided relaxation meditation for labour & birth. This is then yours to download and keep and use as often as you like, helping you to continue to stay relaxed once we've finished working together. It's also great for your partner to listen too!


Your Investment:

one:one pregnancy yoga & mindfulness course


This includes:

3 x 1 hr Private Pregnancy Yoga & Mindfulness Sessions

In your own home if you live in the following postcodes* SE19, SE20, SE21, SE22, SE23, SE24, SE25, SE26, SE27 or via Skype

Bonus: FREE guided meditation for labour & birth

*If your postcode is not listed and you would like to have the sessions in your home, please email me with your address & I will see if it is possible.

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Pregnancy & birth should be a positive, happy time; i'm here to help you achieve that.


Want to talk about the package?

If any of what you've just read has resonated with you and you feel like this is the sort of thing you're after but you want to ask a few more questions first, then drop me an email.  I'm happy to chat through any queries you have either via email or we can schedule a telephone call.